Yumtastic eve dinner

Belgian tradition is to have a big dinner on Christmas Eve, so that’s what we tried to do. We made the trek earlier in the day to the market for bread and veggies and little meat and cheese items, and then C and I set to the task of putting it all together.

Dinner fixins in progress.

Sassy in the kitchen.

Being a part of Christmas dinner preparations was a rather special endeavor for me. We were never much in my family for all preparing together or for putting much effort into it. We had our own rituals, but cooking was no one’s forte. In subsequent years I’d often provided a dish, something prepared at home and delivered later in saran wrap. Here in Leuven I was given free reign over my striated vegetable casserole as well as helping salvage the soup garnish by turning it from a smudged cream dollop into an elegant swirl.

Our beautiful soup creations.

Veggie dish!

Meatie dish!

We enjoyed this meal together, the four of us, with smoke and German wine. Happy Christmas to all :)

C's sweet Christmas tree.


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