Parc Guell

Parc Guell is a sort of architectural garden wonderland designed by Gaudi, who I am beginning to realize has shaped structures all over this city. The park bears the same sort of whimsical, rounded, organic shapes common to a lot of his works.

I chose an arbitrary path and climbed it a good way, up and up, and I’m not sure how far it would have taken me if I had followed it to its end. I reached a point where I could look out over the whole of Barcelona spread out in front of me all the way out to the ocean.

It was high afternoon by then, the sun ablaze overhead, and my dark garments were absorbing the heat. I came back down the trail, climbing past merchants with ware spread out on colorful blankets on the ground and folk musicians playing unfamiliar string instruments of the Mediterranean.

I sought momentary refuge from the direct sun, drinking bottled water in a shelter of stone pillars before picking my way out of the park and back to the street.

Melt or burst into flames, I'm not sure which I'm about to do.

La Sagrada Familia crouching in the distance like some bizarre spider baking in the sun.

A cool and shaded place of echoes to retreat.


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