A Sagrada snafu, con cafe espreso

La Sagrada Familia, as seen outside the gates ...

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia was one of the places I most wanted to visit in Barcelona, so I planned out my day of Gaudi, circling stops on my map, and paid the twenty-something Euro fare for the Hop-On Hop-Off bus tour. Alas for poor planning, by the time I reached was in line at La Sagrada Familia (the line for entry wrapped all the way around the outer fence), both cameras were blinking low-battery lights.

I figured I could acquire more AA’s for the small camera, but the big camera uses a rechargeable cartridge, which was, of course, back at the hotel. So I regretfully gave up my place in line, deciding that if I was going to photograph Sagrada, I wanted to do it right, which meant coming back another day with a full battery.

Surly face, collecting myself over espresso after the dead batteries snafu :/

Scene from the window at Starbucks only a couple of blocks from La Sagrada Familia.

I ended up going to a couple of different shops before I found one that sold batteries. That done, I wandered a way down Passeig de Sant Joan and some other streets before I encountered the tour bus, hopped on, and continued the journey to Parc Guell.


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