Vegas: day one

Let me just preface this account by saying, to be fair, I was only in Vegas for a couple of days. I flew in around 1:00 in the morning Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and departed the hotel for the airport again at 5:30am Friday. I did not venture far from Caesar’s Palace during my stay. The August heat combined with my propensity for bursting into flames on contact with direct sunlight made me only too happy to confine myself primarily indoors.

Okay, that being said, here are a few observations from my brief stay:

From the flight window as we approached Las Vegas, the city materialized from near complete darkness appearing on the horizon like the glowing pool of a spilled drink, spreading across the tablecloth of my view in an all-consuming neon network. I could see the Strip from the air, recognized some of the iconic structures that have been revealed to me only in movies. I couldn’t tell which one was Caesar’s from here, but I could imagine T somewhere in that blur of lights waiting for me to arrive.

I’ll admit I enjoyed the cab ride from the airport, the city alight with persuasion. My driver pointed out the newest of the buildings, CityCenter, Aria, Vdara, with architectural stylings, he said, not unlike developments in Dubai. Sleek and stylish, and a little bit soulless. He brought me quickly enough to Caesar’s, and with a little hotel sign navigation, internal landmark negotiation and text messaging finesse, my suitcase and I made the rendezvous with T.

that's me in the mirror, a million miles away

The hotel suite was a sprawling multi-room behemoth. On first impression, our Barcelona digs paled in comparison with the sheer, almost wasteful expanse. (Though later the actually quality of said excess would be revealed to be more on par with a glorified Holiday Inn.) On entering, we stepped into a sort of tiled entryway with bathroom #1 down a little hallway to the immediate right, a little kitchen also on the right a little further up. Ahead was a vast room, half livingroom/den and half dinning area with a long table equipped to seat eight under a chandelier.

T pointed out the chocolate giftbasket, which was destined to be my breakfast and lunch for the next day.

From the initial suite entryway, we followed a hallway to the left, passing large walk-in closets on both sides, the one to our right equipped with a fax machine. At the end of the hallway to the left was large bathroom #2, connected via a shared double glass shower to bathroom #3, which was equipped with a large whirlpool bathtub and could be approached by turning right at the end of the hallway and entering through the left. On the right was a large vanity table with multiple angle mirrors.

Ahead was the bedroom, bed lost beneath decorative pillows, and this is where we inevitably collapsed.


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