Vegas: day three

I missed a good bit of the next day as a result of the previous night’s free drinks.

When I finally did get going, I made the obligatory pilgrimage down to the pool where I did indeed submerge myself in those shared chlorinated waters.

I was a little surprised how cool the water was, and it was only really somewhere between 3 and 4 feet deep. I’d chosen to try the round pool with the fountains, but the spray and the slightly chilly water had me shivering after only a short time. I watched people stepping in and out of the pool, climbing in with iPhones to take pictures of each other. I relocated to the pool chairs and spread out my towel to lie in the sun for a bit. I’ve never really been the type to do this, but I figured it was one of the things you’re supposed to do while in Vegas, so I stayed out only long enough to dry off before heading back into the relative darkness of the Casino.

this is evidently what you are supposed to be doing

I also gave the Whirlpool a try. I made the mistake of throwing all the bodywash in the water to make bubbles, which was fine until I decided to try out the jets. The noise was terrible, and within a few moments the bubbles were beginning to take over.

That night T let me know that he was stuck working and would unable to attend dinner with Cofer Black but that he still wanted me to go. I arrived a little late alongside the marketing manager for Black Hat, and we took seats at the end of the table which seated 14. I was on the very end, then him, another guy, and then Ambassador Cofer Black himself. It was such an honor to be present at the dinner even though I could not hear anything that was being discussed further down the table. I will make a better account of the dinner happenings at another time. I wish that T could have been there, sadly I make a poor substitute. I did however close out the dinner with the opportunity to shake hands with the Ambassador and tell him how much I enjoyed his speech the previous morning.

In addition to getting to see T in action at this year’s Black Hat conference, meeting Ambassador Cofer Black was one of the high points of the entire Vegas experience. I am honored to have been given the opportunity to experience this, and I just want to express here, my respect and admiration for T expands even more.

I was up at 5:00 the next morning packing the last of my things, bidding T goodbye, and cabbing back to the airport. I watched from the window of the plane as a pallid morning-lit Vegas receded from view. I knew the shape of Caesar’s now and could see its structures embedded along the Strip, could imagine T still in bed within. I put my fingers to my lips and touched the windowglass and let myself be carried away from the city view.


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