Lunchtime camera phone walking break

Even with its window-walls overlooking the Puget Sound that gift us daily with precious sunlight exposure, our glass office grows at times tedious, monotonous, box-like.

This afternoon on my lunch break I opted to go for a walk. It began as four blocks of brisk up-hill, a turn to the left and then snapping impromptu photos with my camera phone along the way.

That’s right, I use one of those auto-editing apps. It doesn’t matter. The point was to capture little pieces as I encountered them.

When I returned to the building, I felt a difference inside of me, the way I was seeing things, finding little bits of beauty in shapes and shadows and textures.


4 thoughts on “Lunchtime camera phone walking break

  1. I too often wish I had my camera with me when aimlessly walking around at lunch time or to and from work. Yes, I have one on my phone of course…. I didn’t think it was the same but you’ve proved you can capture great shots regardless

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