Cats of Amsterdam

The most brilliant cat banner of all kittydom. I did purchase a bag at this shop, but it did not, alas for this blog post, have any cats on it.

This cat was hanging out on a window sill outside a cafe across from the Bloemenmarkt. Just as I was beginning to think that there were precious few felines in Amsterdam.

A little shy toward the camera. I got rather lost somewhere between Jordaan and Oud West and encountered this cat outside an ice cream shop.

There were rumors that a cat had adopted the hotel. I'm not sure if this was the one, but on the morning of our last day at the Krasnapolsky, I looked out the window to find this cat soaking up the rooftop view just the same as me.

Bakery cat was difficult to distract from watching the ovens at this little shop. T went *tap tap* on the window, and I went *click* with the camera. Someone started to come out of the back room and we danced away.

We followed this cat for a block or two at a distance making ridiculous meowing noises until it suddenly stopped and turned to look at us as if to say, "What?!" It then led us to a little doorstep where, on gaining higher ground on us, it allowed T to give it a good pet.


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