An art walk of sorts

This past week I had the opportunity to wander around the city of Amsterdam, and in between touristing and sightseeing and taking pictures of birds and cats, I took note of some of the unexpected art to be found along the way.


165 thoughts on “An art walk of sorts

    • omg, every time I check out freshly pressed I see your face. you are a celebrity in my eyes, lol. I could use a few good lessons from an expert blogger such as yourself. = )

  1. I’ve never been to Amsterdam, so thanks for the glimpse into its street art. I particularly like the one where the bird-creature is feeding the tiger(?) a piece of cake.

  2. It reminds me of art on the sides of railroad cars. Some of it is really very good. I wonder sometimes if they should take their art to the next level, but then again, I think they have found their niche and they are very good at it.

  3. Man, amsterdam is awesome when it comes to this, I’m from ny and boy do i miss the Graffiti that used to take this city by storm. My Favorite on e would be the third photo since the art is so detailed. Who ever was able to do that has to be a professional. -,o

  4. these are great! I’m so glad you stopped and noticed that it was so much more than just graffiti. i can’t wait to wander around your blog further.

  5. I’ve been to Amsterdam twice and taken photos. I did not capture all the art like you did. Very interesting and unique. Love Col. Sanders.

  6. Wow… The only type of graffiti art I’ve ever seen are scribbled profanities in pink paint… :/ Hope to go there and check it out someday

  7. Great photos, great post!
    I’m visiting Amsterdam this summer, so these photos were great to see. Can’t wait to snap up some sights.

    A little ancy to go now, thanks!

  8. Wow, those pics are soooo unexpected. My Grampa is from Amsterdam, and I will be sure to forward this to him! <3

  9. There some great street art around, there was some great stuff in the lane behind my house of flying cats and rats playing, but the bastards from the council whipped it out, looked like stencil art, with a little spray painting for the wings

  10. If you like mural art, check out the Pittsburgh Mural Arts – per capita, the densest collection of graffiti/mural art in North America – many projects the result of community engagement projects to gain public awareness of diversity issues.

  11. i wish i could see just as much art when i walk through my town. this is one more reason to visit amsterdam. some of these artists are way too talented

    • Alas, I was only visiting for a week, but what a week! It’s a perfect visit when you can mix historical sightseeing with contemporary. I currently live in Seattle but will be moving to San Francisco very soon. I hope to find more photo inspiration along the way!

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  13. Graffiti art is the best, especially when the artist uses really objects, like in the second pic with the flowers growing. Have you seen Exit Through the Gift Shop? Its a really cool film on street art

  14. I absolutely LOVE urban art. These shots are gorgeous! I never thought about posting my collection or “walk of art” all together in one post, but you’ve given me a fabulous idea! Thank you!

  15. Reblogged this on Photecstasy and commented:
    This is such a great idea! I totally LOVE urban art, and have a bit of a collection. Most of it includes individuals, as I used the art as a backdrop for portraiture. However, I have some great shots that I’d love to gather and post in a single blog post. So when I do, this is certainly where the idea came from. Thank you Caffeinated Crow for the splendid idea!

    • Oh wow, I really love some of those images. I got only a few photos of street art when I was in Barcelona last year, nothing like that though. I’ll definitely have to keep an eye out and my camera ready for future travels abroad!

      Thanks for sharing!

  16. In a town of 20000 people you don’t get much of this. And just this night a new conservative state government swept in to power, and the leader has made a big song and dance about cleaning up “grafitti”. So I don’t think we’ll be getting much more either.

    Nice virtual art wolk.

  17. Awesome glance you’ve given us of the city! All of the art you captured is amazing but my favorite one has got to be the karma one! ;)

  18. I love some of these soooo much! They are so original…and I wonder what was going through the artists mind when they painted/created these images. I love urban landscape art…the one with the girl holding a weapon and the boy holding flowers really strikes a cord with me and I don’t know why.

    Thanks for sharing.

  19. I wanna record street art here in the Philippines too. They’re tags mostly, and/or political stamps, not as complex and huge as those. But they’re something to explore for typography

  20. Talk about real life art.

    The difference between seeing photos of a place when researching it online and reading a blog with personal photos is that…, you feel the place through the experience of a real individual. Somehow, if only for a moment, their photos and stories transport you there and you even think to yourself “i can’t wait to go back”. Because momentarily, you were there.

    Thanks for the trip!

  21. Love it! I need to really take advantage of the ICE from FFM and spend more than just a few hours in the Amsterdam airport. :)

  22. Amazing, now this is what every city need to spice thing up. Gone with the ugly tags peeps make with black markers and up with something like this! specialy love the little girl watering the flowers! nice finds!

  23. Reblogged this on localbonnie and commented:
    I found this street art pretty amazing and just had to share on my blog <3 It reminds me so much of SF and the random art everywhere you look. I was there yesterday and took just a few pics of the city. It was foggy and rainy as can be but I'll post some later anyways. For now… enjoy Thee Caffeinated Crow :D

  24. Reblogged this on meandmymoustache and commented:
    I always find a cities graffiti to be very revealing. Often political statements are scrawled on walls, a paste up representing a local icon is on a door way, even the use of colour and artists name tell us something more about the city we are currently enjoying. Amsterdam is no exception. With a more liberal approach to art and in fact general living than most of us enjoy, Amsterdam can be viewed through it’s art. Check out Three Caffeinated Crows view of the city.

  25. These paintings are so very…profound. They aren’t just “pretty” or immaculately designed, there is some very deep and subtle meaning in them. This is some of the most intriguing art I’ve seen in a very long time.

  26. Oh this really resonated with me and I’m so excited to have stumbled upon your page. I think my favorite images have to be the boy and the girl on their first date (or so we think ;-) ) the Colonel Sanders of course, and the little girl watering the flowers, expressing recyclable karma. Have you ever dove a little deeper to find some of these artists? Or fine more of their work?

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