Window shopping

After work I usually like to take the bus downtown to meet my boyfriend at his office, and from there we’ll either walk or bus up the Hill together. Now that daylight is growing and the weather is improving, I’ve discovered it’s only a 20-30 minute walk from my office to his.

Despite the somewhat unsavory route I’m obliged to take to get there, I encountered yesterday a few windows that gave my Friday afternoon an added glow.

Not exactly a window and more of a bit of art on the side of a building. There's more to this than my little camera frame can accommodate, but of course I'm mainly concerned with the little tabby cat who's the only element with any color. Nice touch!

I'm a sucker for these little guys.

Dog/cat androgyny in the middle.

It’s funny how turning one street sooner (or one street later) can bring one to places new and fun. I’ve learned to bend my route at a certain point to make sure I swing past the dog park too, which is always good for a mood lift :)

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