Things are right in my world when there are crows looking in through the glass

First off, what an unintentionally goth title for this post ;)

This morning T successfully encouraged one of the few neighborhood crows to take peanuts he tossed onto the roof. This takes a bit of coordination and strategy, factoring in trajectory and wind resistance, and my attempts to throw peanuts has resulted in a number of them collecting on the apartment driveway down below us.

Two crows watched me fumble thus. They’d watch the peanut ricochet off the wall and fall, then they’d look back at me as if to say, “Now that was a weak throw, indeed!” So I ended up lining up a few peanuts on the edge of the balcony and went back inside.

Looking in at me sideways.

Sure enough, the crows have been coming by every so often to snatch them up. It’s a bit of a challenge with the wind and they just grab them and go rather than sitting and eating them there, but I say give it time and they might learn to stay and hang out.

Crow: “Got it!”; me with camera: “Gotcha!”

Meanwhile, I get the impression they’re squirreling all these nuts away on the neighbors’ roofs because they keep coming back, and when all the peanuts are gone, one of the crows will look in the door at me.

T asked me yesterday when do I think I’ll start feeling like I really live in SF, and my reply then was that I probably wouldn’t start feeling settled until I’d started interacting more with the world outside the immediacy of the apartment, ie. making friends and engaging in extracurriculars.

Today I think that having crows looking in at me through the glass with an air of expectation goes a long way toward making me feel like this is our new home :)


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