I’d like to order one Shai-hulud Special with extra Spice

This all started when I told T that I picked up a frozen pizza while I was at Safeway.

T: “What kind?”
Me: “Cheese.”
T: “I mean, what maker?”
* pause *
Me: “Is it sad that when you say ‘Maker’ I immediately think ‘Dune’?”

I quickly explained the Fremen terminology for the various stages of sandworm growth development and then plummeted violently down the following tangent:

We put the “mmmm” in Melange!

I’m currently 91% of the way through “God Emperor of Dune” (according to my Kindle), and I think Leto II could have dominated this franchise, I mean, he’s got the Ixian cart with wheels AND suspensors!


7 thoughts on “I’d like to order one Shai-hulud Special with extra Spice

  1. My dad & I would watch that movie every time it was on. I read a few in the series over 15 years ago. Did you know they are writing prequels too?

    • My brother has been reading a lot of the books written by Brian Herbert, Frank Herbert’s son, which I think may include some prequel work. I haven’t gotten that far in my reading as yet, but from what I hear their writing styles are somewhat different and in some ways jarring if you prefer the older to the newer. Still, it’s such a tantalizing world to immerse oneself in, I might just have to check them out too :)

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