Sushi on solstice

As I’ve maybe mentioned before, I’m not really a foodie, and I’m not really in possession of a very refined pallet, but I enjoy eating in general, as well as a nice restaurant experience. To celebrate our second summer solstice together, T took me out to Otoro Sushi for dinner. Yum! T and I dressed up a tad for the occasion. I’d found this awesome little almost-steampunk coat a week ago at a used clothing store:

Tiny! Awesome! Only missing 2 buttons :/

Otoro Sushi is a small but smart little sushi restaurant located maybe 0.5 miles down the street from our apartment in the so-called up-and-coming Hayes Valley neighborhood. Everything inside is sharp and clean, its clientele hip and affluent.

We started off by ordering two flights of sake. Three different kinds moving from sweet to earthy to dry, so it was a nice experience for someone like me who doesn’t really know much about sake. The last one was very smooth and clean, perfect for all the food freshness when it arrived.

I’ve discovered a weird appreciation for textures when it comes to seafood, and appreciation that T doesn’t always share, which means I get to be a little adventurous when it comes to my plate. I like things like roe and octopus and sometimes eel. This being a special night out, I opted to try a couple of new rolls: the Ika (squid) and the Uni (sea urchin). Those were some sushis that didn’t get shared between us ;)

Ika (squid) – I stole this pic, so it’s not actually from my plate. I didn’t want to be rude in the restaurant!

I liked the squid very much, a sort of rubbery yet tender meaty texture. The rolls I ordered had quite a bit of wasabi in them, so it was a little difficult to get past the momentary semi-nuclear explosions to guess at the specific flavor, but yum yum yum when I did.

Uni (sea urchin) – Again, not from my plate, but you get the idea.

Sea urchin is something I’ve been wanting to try for quite some time actually. I gather it’s somewhat of a delicacy, and in some places it becomes somewhat of an ethical concern of over-fishing. I wasn’t prepared for the sheer creaminess of the texture, a thickness but a lightness. I kept trying to think of how to describe it for T and just kept saying things like, it tastes like seawater, like Ocean only in creamy peanut-buttery, cream-cheesy, fluffy but dense … words fall short. I’m glad I tried it, and it wasn’t completely off-putting, but I have to admit it was a little off-putting from a texture standpoint. I could actually see westernizing the use of it and maybe enjoying the urchin as a spread on some toast or maybe a bagel. But given the aforementioned ethical concerns and my lack of being completely enamored with it, maybe I’ll just not order the Uni again.

The other rolls we ordered, among them were some spider rolls and spicy tuna topped with mango, were really tasty fare. The fish was really excellent quality and everything was so fresh. I like that they seasoned and mixed all the elements so well for you that the flavors in the roll really blended together quite artfully.

What a delicious night! Oh and, Happy Solstice, T <3


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