Las Vegas, has it already been a year?

Well I guess it has! T has been in Vegas since last Thursday getting started on this year’s Black Hat event at Caesar’s Palace. Just like last year I headed there again to check out both days’ Keynote, most notably Neal Stephenson on Day 2, how exciting! I’ll also have the opportunity to check out DEFCON this time around.

is it silly that I’m 31 and the window seat still makes me go wow?

just before we dip below the clouds

mccarran airport: where both plane and sun come to earth

from the hotel room: i’ll admit, it’s really pretty with all the lights

Get ready for that weird casino smell. Get ready for nosebleeds from the dry air and the constant air conditioning. Get ready for terrible food with no flavor or nutritional content. Get ready for the extreme prices of basic essentials like coffee. Get ready for weird looks from casino people who don’t know what dreads are. Get ready for American excess at its best (or worst).

to the left

to the right

the one not black dress i brought with me

Get ready for Black Hat and DEFCON and parties. Oh, and get ready to make people angry when goths get to skip ahead of the masses in the VIP cab line ;)


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