Yesterday T and I made plans to meet up after work at this cool Art Deco style bar we discovered not too long ago. He surprised me down at the train stop on the way there when I encountered him holding a lovely long orchid :D

Orchids have always struck me as difficult flowers, and so I’ve only admired them from afar, but it actually goes quite well with our apartment aesthetic, I think!

orchid and artwork

I carried it with us to the bar and to the grocery store on the way home while T stopped inside another. I ended up putting the orchid pot in my grocery bag and stood out on the corner waiting for him.

As I was waiting, a youngish guy approached me, and asked me if he could take a photo of me.

I was a little buzzed from my earlier cocktail and had my defenses up pretty good, so I wanted to know WHY first, and maybe I said it a little more harshly than I should have, but it’s a busy corner frequented by questionable types and the sun was going down.

The guy had a decent SLR camera dangling from his neck and said that he liked the juxtaposition of my soft of hard, edgy “goth” aesthetic with the softness of the orchid peaking out of my grocery bag.

A simple reason, and so he took my picture and went on his way, and T emerged from the store across the street and we walked back up the hill.

I told T about the guy with the camera, that I felt a little bad for coming off a little hostile when he first approached me, but I liked that the guy was able to articulate what it was that made him want to take a picture. I’ve known people to take a picture without asking, or to ask but not offer an explanation. Maybe I was just tipsy, but I appreciated the exchange. I think communication and consent are two things that can get lost in a world of immediacy.


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