A world of dried goodness

T decided to get a dehydrator, or a jerky maker as some would call it. I did my part and got us some meats to experiment with.

Time to get with the marinade, this should be fun!

It comes with an actual “meat gun” for ground meats which will make something with a consistency akin to a Slim Jim, and then of course you can slice up steak for more traditional jerky. There’s also a little booklet with instructions for drying pretty much anything you could think of, although the cooking times are sometimes a little vague. Such-and-such takes between 5-20 hours, etc.

Basically keep checking in on whatever your dehydrating until you’re satisfied.

We tried out sliced bananas first, which was interesting since they didn’t turn out crunchy and bland like banana chips. They had a denser consistency and had a whole lot more flavor. I ate entirely too many.

First batch of jerky was a little too dry, but I have high hopes for the second batch. Meanwhile, it’s a hot day and the apartment smells like meat. Ha!


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