Think it might be haunted: Night 2 of 3

After a full day at the office I have plenty of work to do when I get back to my hotel room. I don’t know if it’s just the off-season, but I never see anyone in the halls. It’s a little like a scene out of The Shining. Always a good thought to be having a little before bedtime ;)

Always hallways.

Always hallways.

I spend a couple hours putting the final touches on my PowerPoint presentations for tomorrow’s two meetings. It’s my first time heading a meeting, so I’m pretty nervous. The first one is mostly report/analysis for the big hooty-hoo’s at work, and then the second is process training. Go-go magic Toastmasters skills, eh?

I picked up some Advil PM to help me sleep (and stay asleep). Hopefully it helps. Tomorrow’s going to be a busy day!

On the edges of sleep.

On the edges of sleep.


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