Can’t sleep, too haunted: Night 3 of 3

My final night at the Marqueen Hotel. My coworkers are telling me the internet reviews say it’s haunted, but after indulging in morbid curiosity on my lunch break (“Why would you DO that??” one of my coworkers wants to know), I’ve failed to find any specific stories documenting actual hauntings, or a past historical event that might spur on such “spirited” activity.

At best, one of my coworkers found a review for someone who stayed in Room 304 and claimed it felt haunted. For lack of other descriptive terms, I am hesitant to put any stock in the story. All the same, it’s kind of boring here in the evenings, so I went up to the 3rd floor just to have a look.

Sure enough, the 3rd floor is plenty creepy ... but so is the 2nd floor. Probably equally so.

Sure enough, the 3rd floor is plenty creepy … but so is the 2nd floor. Probably equally so.

I’ve seen no other guests since I’ve been here, I just want to say. I hear people in the hallways occasionally, either upstairs or on my level, but I haven’t seen anyone.

Over the shoulder shot. Still no ghosties?

Over the shoulder shot. Still no ghosties?

I’d be curious to know more about the history of this place, like the part between being an engineering school and a hotel. Time to head back to my room …



I spend a leisurely evening packing up my things, rolling my dreads, drinking tea. I take my sleeping pills, but they don’t seem to be working as they should, just making me groggy, not sleepy. That’s no good. I take more and make an attempt to go to bed, thinking I have a chance at a good 8 hours of sleep if I start now.

I can’t sleep. I get that creepy “presence” feeling again, lying on my side with my back to the doorway. I don’t want it to get the better of me, so I just cuddle up harder with my stuffed animal in my fortress of pillows. And that’s when I hear a weird *click*click*, like someone’s testing the doorknob on the room door. *Click*click*, quietly, a couple more times, shuffling like on the first night, *click*click* and *click*click* and *click* Oh SHIT!

I’m up and fumbling for the light. The doorknob sound stops. No one’s there.

I try lying down again, back to the door, light on this time. After a little while it starts up again — *click*click* — I sit up in bed, and it stops. I venture down my little hallway to check through the peephole on the door, but there’s nothing to see. The hallway is empty. Weird popping sounds come from behind the sealed door in the opposite wall that I expect houses the water heater. That’s distracting, but it’s not the same sound as the doorknob sound. I make sure the door to the walk-in closet is closed and go back to bed.

It’s fairly quiet in the room except various creaky old-building-settling sounds. I rebuild my pillow fort, climb under the covers, and turn out the light. Sure enough, it starts up again. If I lie still in the bed with my back to the doorway, *click*click* like a doorknob gently twisting back and forth, a feeling that someone is gliding through the room. AND I NEED TO TURN THE LIGHT ON.

I get up again, a little pissed this time. I have a full day of work tomorrow as well as an evening flight back to SF, so I need to be sleeping. Check outside the peephole again, and nothing. But the closet door has come open a crack. That’s too much for me.

I end up turning on both of the bedside lamps and turn the TV back on. Luckily there are nature programs playing all night long, the same ones repeating, one about sea life of the Deep, another about iguanas, and another about chimpanzees or something. I return to bed but keep the light and the TV on, keep myself facing the doorway. A sort of vigil.

Sleeptime is FAIL.

Sleeptime is FAIL.

More sleeping pills in my system, and I manage to nod off, but it’s a lot like my first night in the room. I wake up every 10 minutes or so, groggy and irritable and amazed at the lack of passage of time.

My room window overlooks this weird mural, my room entryway reflected on the glass. It's that kinda night.

My room window overlooks this weird mural, my room entryway reflected on the glass. It’s that kinda night.

It’s funny how the only remedy for this kind of scenario would be for the sun to come up.


4 thoughts on “Can’t sleep, too haunted: Night 3 of 3

  1. I stayed at the Marqueen in 2014. I stayed in 306. I know there is something/someone there. We went to dinner one night and came back to the bathroom door closed and the closet light on. Both nights the TV turned on by itself. The first night we left the cable box on so when it turned on it was loud and scared us. The next night we turned off the cable box and I woke to the TV on, but it was just the blank lit up gray screen. My boyfriend had put stuff on the chair and woke to it all on the floor. That stuff has stuck with me. We didn’t feel threatened, but it was definitely letting us know it was there. Just thought I’d share my experience.

    • I had the same feeling as you while I was there, I didn’t feel threatened, just creeped … and a little curious. I was so disappointed afterward when I couldn’t turn up anyone else with similar experiences at the Marqueen, I figured surely I couldn’t be the only one. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I stayed two nights in the Marqueen this weekend. Suite 218. I had just completed four days of travel by plane and rail, so I went to bed around 7 pm. I woke at 10 for no apparent reason, just a really creepy feeling, and fell back to sleep around 11. I was awakened at 1 a.m. by the sensation of my blankets (I just covered up with the sheets) being lifted off of me, almost as if someone were standing by the foot of the bed and lifting them up and letting them fall again. I struggled to wake up but i had to struggle to lift my head and roll over (never happened to me before), almost as if I were being physically restrained. When I did finally wake up, I thought it was just a dream or my imagination so I closed my eyes and the feeling of the sheets being lifted happened again. That was it. I jumped out of bed and got dressed, re packed my bag and pulled my shoes on. Leaving my bag by the door, I went down to the front desk. I asked the front desk clerk, “hey, not to sound like a freak show, but have you ever had any interesting things happen in any of the rooms?” And then I proceeded to relate my experience. She said no. I asked about the cancellation policy and i couldn’t cancel my room with a refund ( which is completely understandable). I began to climb the stairs to go back to my room and contemplate what to do when i heard the doorman begin to him “The Twilight Zone” theme to the desk clerk. Nice. I had to chuckle – I probably would have done the same thing.
    Back in my room, I grabbed the duvet off the bed and sat on the couch to watch tv, where infinally crashed around 4 or 5 a.m. without any further incident. The following night, I wasn’t taking any chances, so I curled up on the couch again where I watched Hitler documentaries (the only thing on besides infomercials, apparently), and fell asleep at 5 something in the morning. Exhausted. Beautiful hotel, GREAT staff and rooms, just not by yourself… ;).

    • Ha! Sounds like you and I had the same sleep schedule. For me it was extra disconcerting because the hotel was almost empty while I was there. Early December isn’t their peak season, evidently. Man, I wish I could remember what room I was staying in. I was on the 2nd floor and not too far from the main staircase. Such a great place, if sleepless. Good memories. Thanks for sharing your experience ;)

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