Moment of truth

Moment of truth, I think I'm ready for the movers tomorrow!

Moment of truth, I think I’m ready for the movers tomorrow!

We were a little too optimistic at first about what we’d be able to take with us, so when the movers came to survey our possessions a couple of weeks ago, we included a lot of items like the two beautiful Anthro desks which we were later obliged to reconsider. Lesson: moving internationally it’s all about volume, not weight, so it’s the bulky items that are going to cost. Example: a big box of pillows is potentially more expensive to ship than, say, our epically heavy fire safe. Luckily our contact with the movers was able to walk me through some tips on how to get our volume down.

So after two weeks of intensive boxing and tossing and craigslisting of furniture and incompatible electronics, we’ve got things condensed to a more respectable volume: 200 cu ft (down from 510). Go us! I used blue tape to mark the dimensions of one of the shipping containers they’ll use: 7 ft tall, 7 ft long, and 45 in wide. I’m surprised how small our stuff looks after restacking it. There’s these plus a mattress and four boxes in the livingroom that I couldn’t lift. I hope we’re good!

I’ll be drinking instant coffee tomorrow morning because the coffee maker is about to go on a long ocean voyage!

And yes, we bought a transformer so we can still enjoy luxuries like the coffee maker and the raver-kid star machine.


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