Thee End: but come visit the new blog!

New blog address: > Kaffee mit Krähen (Coffee with Crows). Come visit me!

This is a little note to the followers of Thee Caffeinated Crow: I am bidding this blog adieu, but fear not, I have started a new one. Come join me there!

Given my recent move with my husband to Berlin I’ve decided to start a new blog Kaffee mit Krähen which I end to be a rambling account of various expat adventures and the amusing experiences of living abroad. I would like, of course, to invite everyone to follow my new blog, since I intend to be a bit more active (not to mention sociable) and keep up with posting new and exciting content there. I’ll also continue any personal/creative writings and amateur art, music, and photography on Kaffee mit Krähen, as well as as documenting attempts to befriend the local crows.

You know whatever the city, I can’t be without a crow entourage :)

Making new friends, vielleicht?

Making new friends, vielleicht?

As to Thee Caffeinated Crow, I feel like I’ve had a good run with this blog, but perhaps it’s time to close the book here. Alas, I will no longer be posting content to this blog, but I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful comments and support for this blog over the years, you really have in turns both cheered and inspired me, and I hope to see you (and hear from you) on the new blog!

Let us not be strangers!


Berlin, Strasse view

Berlin, Strasse view


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