About Me

Hi, I’m Eileen.

Berlin-based freelancer living the multitasking dream in Friedrichshain alongside my partner, my hund, and a small entourage of crows.

Oh, and sometimes I make electronic music under the moniker WindUp Bird.

Follow me on Twitter: @neelie_crow.
Follow me on Instagram: neeliecat.

– – –

Update 11/29/2013: I’m no longer posting to Thee Caffeinated Crow, but for more about our adventures since moving to Berlin, check out my new blog Kaffee mit Krähen.

Thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “About Me

    • Thanks! The shrimp drama is ONGOING, which is why I love it so. I don’t have a particular dance, though I wish I were that coordinated. I have so much respect for people who learn actual dance steps. Alas, I’m a little spontaneous and spastic with the crunchy/stompy EBM, but moving on the floor is a nice outlet :) Thanks again for reading!

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