Dreamed I was on one side of the street, looking on as some sort of picnic or otherwise friendly get-together progressed across the street. No one I knew, so the specifics didn’t concern me, just that there were a good number of people, food, wooden tables, perhaps a nearby storefront. A little bit to the side of them was my Grandma, the one who died a while ago, but she looked like she used to, before she got really sick. Curly grey hair, round face, glasses. She was wearing one of those old polyester 1970’s shirts I used to like to steal from her when I was a teenager. This one was a very dark blue-almost-black with silver/white lily pattern, long sleeves, maybe a tie of some sort at the neck. She saw me from across the street, reached out to me, waved, “Welcome back to the real world, kiddo.”

And very suddenly I was awake in my bed again, and only a couple minutes had passed since I lay down in the first place.