From this day on the aquarium snails formerly designated the Speed Snails will be known as the Zombie Snails or Snail Undead for the way they swarmed toward the injured fish today.

Five of them were after him, but the little red fish managed to flee to the opposite side of the aquarium, temporarily outwitting his zombie-like pursuers that moved restlessly around the corner of the aquarium, climbing up the rocks and walls and over each other.

Reference scene of momentarily foiled zombies rattling chainlink barricade and gurgling in vapid dissatisfaction.

The little red fish succumbed to his wounds, however, and ended up tipped over on his side.

I wasn’t there to witness what next transpired, but reports say that within moments one of the zombie snails was on the scene, actually invading the carcass.

When I arrived I couldn’t even see the dead fish, just a tight writhing pile of snails and more on the way.

In this scene I should be observing this from just out of reach on some sort of metal platform, reaching out a hand to a hopeless comrade, Nooooooo! It’s too late, they got him, he’s gone …

And only an hour later the snails crawled off and went to bury themselves in the sand.

No evidence remained that a fish ever existed there.

Only one lone hermit crab fumbling with some amorphous and translucent bit of tissue.